My Favorite Thanksgiving Leftover Meal

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Cooking | 0 comments

Do you ever feel like the leftovers are the best part about Thanksgiving? I do! I find myself most years making the most delicious dishes after everyone has left and I have time to get creative.

Two years ago I made this Confit Turkey Risotto and it was one of the most insane flavor bombs I’ve tasted. I highly recommend trying some new things with turkey, especially this year as your holiday might be a bit smaller. I know several people who are going to make this menu ON Thanksgiving because, why not?

I am all about tradition and I’m equally for breaking it! Both can give you a sense of life. Tradition allows you to feel secure and at home and breaking it allows you to feel alive and inspired. This year we’re doing a bit of both in our house and I feel that suits the nature of this year, a little comfort and a little life!

Oh, and I threw in my cocktail I am drinking this year. Note: sub vanilla extract for hazelnut extract if you prefer, both are great and will not disappoint.


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