What I’m using in the kitchen…and drinking 

I always suggest everything in stages when it comes to setting up your kitchen for success. Over the years I have used many tools, products and gadgets. Some I still have and use every day and some and some quickly got the boot out of my kitchen. My mission is to save you some time and money by sharing with you my  favorite tools and how I use them. This way you can slowly stock your kitchen with only the most useful items and spend more time on the cooking!

We can’t leave out the yin to the yang when it comes to food and pairing with only the best wines. I only drink Dry Farm Wines for very simple reasons. The wine industry has taken the old world method of natural fermentation and sped it up to bring us wine faster, cheaper and as a result sweeter. Dry Farm Wines only curates the best wine from traditional vineyards following the real fermentation process. As a result these wines are so much healthier for you and virtually sugar free (0-0.15g per glass). Additionally they are much lower in sulfites and organic, meaning chemical free. 

Just a heads up, I only recommend products I actually use myself and as a result I use affiliate links where I may receive a commission. This allows me to keep delivering all the media content you see on this site. 


how i got here

I’m sure you can recall who has influenced you in this life and how some things are just synchronistic. For me my education at Institute of Transformational Nutrition has been just that and learning from founder, Cynthia Garcia, has been a huge factor in my success as a wellness educator and coach. 


Joule Sous Vide

This one took me a while to come around to and now I can’t live without it. Besides its ability to cook meet and melt fat into a perfect texture it also makes cooking easier with a set it and forget it attitude. You can’t mess up cooking with this Joule Sous Vide I highly recommend this investment.

Wusthof CLASSIC Cook's Knife, 8-Inch Hollow Ground Blade

Your chef’s knife is everything in the kitchen and you need at least one good one. This is the knife I have used for years and continue to recommend based on its price point, durability and feel. 

Silicone Spatula

Silicone Spatula

To me the silicone spatula is the new wooden spoon. I use this for literally everything in the kitchen. Silicone wont melt which is what makes this tool so useful, easy to clean and very durable. Flip your pancakes, whip your batter and stir your eggs… oh and scrape everything. 

John Boos Block

Eeryone needs a good solid butcher block that is heavy and wont move around while you try to chop. This is a good looking butcher block cutting board for the right price. It’s an invesment but will last you for years and years. 

Glass Ramekins

Staying organized while you cook will change the game. I like to prep everything first so that I can really enjoy the cooking process. One of the best ways to do this is to use several ramekins to hold your ingredients as you prep them. Once you have these on hand you will find thousands of great ways to use them in the kitchen. 

air fryer

If you could cook food that comes out perfectly fried without the oil wouldn’t you want to take the healthy way out? I do every day when I use my air fryer. Reheating food is perfect with the air fryer and keeps you away from the microwave. 



Of course my smoothies are a staple in my morning routine and what better smoothie maker than the Vitamix. Outside of smoothies I use this for just about everything, soups, gravies, whipped cream, salad dressing, you name it! 

Salad Spinner

Salad spinner

This seems simple but without a good salad spinner your salads become water logged and after adding dressing it will dilute the flavors. This simple solution will also make the process of making salad seem like less of a chore, we all could use the path of least resistance when it comes to getting our greens in!

immersion blender

Why an immersion blender and a blender? Simple! The immersion blender blends in a way that nothing else does. Have you ever tried to make a blended soup in the blender and watch it explode burning hot liquid? Yep, this is why you use an immersion blender. I also use it every morning for my complex coffee blend. I blend it right in a mason jar, no mess. 

Shun paring knife

This might be the tool I end up reccomending the most. This little but powerful knife is the knife you never knew you needed in the kitchen until you have one. It comes sharp so be carful, it will truly fill a void in the kitchen for those little cutting jobs. 

The Best Vegetable peeler

This may seem like not much but this peeler will tackle any vegetable with ease. It is serrated so it will also grab unwanted areas of skin to remove deeper should you need it. This one is a no brainer, just have a good peeler around, you won’t be sorry. 

Your Title Goes Here

In my house cutting gets mobile really quickly. There are always helping hands to grab a project and move to a clear space in a kitchen. These bamboo cutting boards are super light and easy to move around as well as easy to wash! Their low profile makes stacking easy and compact as well. 


I love this tool so much I made a video about it! Seriously, I have two in constant rotation in my kitchen. I use this for grating cheese, zesting citrus, grating whole nutmeg, and other spices and so on. The one that always gets people is watching me grate fresh parmisan right on a dish before plating. No messy plate of parm, just what’s needed for each plating. 

the best garlic press

A dear friend of mine gifted me this garlic press several years ago and I will never use another one again. It’s always the simple things that are the best I find, don’t over think it. This press has a great feature that allows you to lift the whole press out and clean with so much ease. I have always avoided garlic presses for the messiness of cleaning but this one is the total solution. Not to mention it creates an amazing juiced press, not just mushy garlic. 

Green pan non stick

ceramic non stick pan

This really should be under wellness since non-stick cooking is incredibly harmful as most non-stick pots and pans are made with really toxic chemicals. I have been using these pans now for a while and find they are a dream to use and much better than any teflon pan of the past. Do yourself and your family a favor and replace any tefflon in your house now, this is some of the best preventative medicine.

digital meat thermometer

digital meat thermometer

Chances are if you’re on this page you are looking for this thermometer. The question I get asked the most from my videos is what digital thermometer to use. I have tried many and this is the one that I have been using now for years and find it the most accurate and a great price point.

sheet trays

commercial sheet trays

Get rid of your flimsy cookie sheets and grab these commercial baking sheets. This is so simple and will give you so many more options in the kitchen. I use trays for roasting vegetables, placing dishes on that shouldn’t be in direct heat and so much more. You will see me use these baking sheets for everything BUT baking.

Les Creuset

les creuset dutch oven

Everyone needs at least one dutch oven in their life if you are ever going to make a stew. My oxtials, curry goat and cassoulet all get put in the dutch oven so that I can get a long, slow cook that can move from the stovetop to the oven and back. 

om mushroom

smoothie | mushroom blend

Every morning I start my day with a smoothie. This is how I ensure I get the majority of my vitamins, minerals and superfoods in. Mushrooms are the foundation of my smoothie as well as my complex coffee. This blend will give you all the medicinal mushrooms plus some other powerful adaptogens. This blend is what I recommend when people ask about preventative medicine. This will take the thinking out of you and let your mind rest knowing you are doing everything you can do to support your immune system and so much more.

blue majik

smoothie | blue majik

Blue Majik not only makes the coolest looking bright blue drinks but it is also insanely good for you. It is a blue Spirulina extract the includes phycocyanin which fights free radicals and reduces inflammation with its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Quality is everything when sourcing algae products. You want to make sure you are only getting the good stuff and nothing that can harm you coming from the ocean. 

protein powder

smoothie | protien powder

I use this protein powder for several reasons. For one, it tastes good, super important. It also is made with pea protein which is super gentle on the stomach. Additionally it doesn’t have any crazy chemicals, sugars or anything else to take my smoothies to the dark side. Protein powder should be just that, protein. I like to have total control customizing the other things that go in based on my specific wellness needs. There is a LOT of protein powder hype out there, understand your bodies needs before jumping on a fad shake. 

raw cacao

smoothie | raw fermented cacao

This stuff I just learned about not that long ago and it’s a game changer! I always have eaten raw cacao however raw, fermented, cacao is a whole other level. You can feel the clean energy boost right away but what is really impressive are the levels of potassium, magnesium and iron. Not to mention that fermenting foods makes them bio-available, meaning your body recognizes and processes them more easily. 

squatty potty

squatty potty

Squatting when you poop is as old as time and there really is just no other way, trust me. Our bodies were never designed to sit at a 90° on the toilet and strain. Rather if you just lift your feet and relax, well…. do yourself a favor and give it a try. It’s simple anatomy!


quick defense immune support

Do you ever wake up and feel like you might be on the edge of getting sick? This is what I take when that happens and to this day it’s worked 100% of the time. Quick defense will flood your immune system with support and along with a supportive diet and rest you will give your body what it needs to fight. 


Get inspired.


Be prepared.


Live it.

Cook Smarter Not Harder, Save Time & Money, and Take Back Control Over Your Own Health.


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