Marcus Anthony

We all walk some form of a razors edge of passion and career I’m lucky enough to join those that have made their passion their career.


I grew up in Long Island New York while maintaining deep roots in Jamaica. Working as a steamfitter for over 19 years, I’ve had an amazing career doing one aspect of what I love however no matter where I am, the top of a skyscraper welding or deep underground in One World Trade Center, I’m always thinking about creating new food.

Before becoming a second generation steamfitter, following in my father’s footsteps, my direction wasn’t so clear as it is now. Growing up on the outskirts of NYC the flashy, fast paced life in the streets in the 90’s and 2000’s was all too appealing. I can only be grateful that I’m here to speak about it with nothing but knowledge and wisdom remaining. 

Throughout that time, I have been cooking for others and teaching in the private chef arena essentially leading a double life. It was clear when I stepped on each job which was my passion and which one a means to an end.

Over the years I have pushed my body to all kinds of limits however on the back side of graciousness for being alive my body became a temple to care for rather than taken for granted. I spent 11 years as a vegan, have spent countless days dry fasting, yes no water, food or even brushing teeth, and many more extremes. What I have learned is that your body follows your mind, if you believe you can’t eat healthy, prevent disease, or even cook, your body owns that knowledge. I have worked to dispel stereotypes, step out of comfort zones and advocate that every person on this planet deserves the knowledge of how to help themselves.

Currently I’m attending The Institute of Transformational Nutrition in an effort to take my wellness and nutrition knowledge to the next level. Look for more educational components coming to Marcus Anthony Table, what good is knowledge if it’s not shared. 

Cooking is a simple formula of knowledge, what food does and how; confidence; stepping out of your comfort zone will reward you with a new kind of power; and action, believing that by trying you are already succeeding.

I’m taking my cooking to new heights with no limits.

Cook Smarter Not Harder, Save Time & Money, and Take Back Control Over Your Own Health.


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