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Inspiring chef, host, and creator of cherished memories!! Each gathering I have attended with Marcus Anthony Table has delighted the senses. Marcus’ attention to detail is simply unparalleled. The magic however is his seemingly effortless style of creating masterful dishes and welcoming environments full of diversity both in food, company and ambiance. I recommend an experience with Marcus Anthony Table wholeheartedly.

Brenna Schreck

Natural Product Sales and Education Territory Manager

As I spoke to him I found out that he was more exacting and more about details than me and that’s very rare. I engaged him to cater an affair, very boutique and it was comfortable food but elevated. A lot of times people focus on the experience that they forget about the food. In this case it was actually all about the food. It made people warm and have great spirits, it was fantastic. I highly recommend Marcus Anthony Table.

Dr. Lee Gause

Celebrity Dentist

We love to eat food that’s seasoned well. My background is Jamaican and one of the spices he’s used is scotch bonnet, this is one of the key factors that is placed into his food that made it different. I asked him what is the name of your seasoning, he said ‘Wah Gwan’. I was blown away, Wah Gwan is a patois word that means, ‘Whats Happening in Jamaica’.

Reach out, taste, enjoy indulge Marcus Anthony Table

Keith Barnes And Michelle DeLisser

Real Estate Brokers


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